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Keeping You Safer Longer

TotalCare provides fire departments with customized solutions to more efficiently maintain turnout gear and other PPE, which optimizes their protective performance, improves firefighter safety, and provides cost-savings to the fire department.


Soiled gear can pose a health risk to the firefighter. Smoke deposits and condensed residue can be trapped in fibers and remain until cleaned. Firefighters are at risk from secondary exposure to cancer causing chemicals. Soiled gear is less protective as it reflects less radiant heat and is more likely to conduct electricity. Additionally everyday chemicals can weaken fabrics and cause damage that reduces the usable safe life of gear.

TotalCare has the most experienced and knowledgeable clothing experts in the fire service. We’ve built our reputation by being able to clean and disinfect the tough stuff.


Identify soiling that can pose health risks or reduce performance. Identify repairable damage that affects protective performance. Identify signs of failure before it becomes a safety issue or leads to irreversible damage.

Our experience has led us to develop methods to identify damage and safety issues before they become a hazard to the firefighter. Early detection helps prevent ongoing degradation. That’s why you need the professionals at TotalCare inspecting your PPE.


Unattended damage can worsen until PPE can not be restored to safe condition. Regular repair can keep PPE in serviceable condition and extend its safe, usable life, which significantly lowers PPE replacement rates.

TotalCare is a Verified Independent Service Provider for all components of turnout gear. That means our repairs have passed testing by a certification organization. Our repairs are designed to meet your original specification on any brand of turnout gear and other PPE.


We’ll help you to establish your in-house NFPA 1851 compliant program. Our Certificate Program trains you on the annual maintenance of your PPE. Additionally, you will find a template for your department SOP. Other video training topics include PPE usage, sizing, and fit. We frequently develop new videos, so you should visit our training pageoften.

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