Hydro II® Portable Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

CAD $2,085.26
Item Number:HYDROII

Cleaning your own turnouts saves time and money. But you should be testing them, too.

• From the makers of CitroSqueeze® PPE Cleaner. Hydro II™ gives you the rest of the cost-saving solution.

• Sturdy, heavy-duty, all-mechanical hydrostatic tester does a single NFPA hydrostatic pressure test in 15 seconds

• Lets you comply with NFPA required hydrostatic pressure testing of a garment in minutes—at the station or in the field—with simple hand-pump operation. No electricity required.

• Easier, neater, faster, and much more effective than the messy, less-comprehensive “puddle test”. • Effectively reveals the pinpoint leaks which can cause extreme steam burn injuries…yet may escape visual inspection or a puddle test.

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