The Rescue Boat UMA17

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Item Number:UMA17
The UMA17 is the rescue boat awaited by all public and naval security services to rapidly and securely execute rescue missions in icy winter conditions.

It is actually adopted and deployed by the Canadian coast guard, Montreal fire and security department, and by numerous others emergency services.

Inspired by the competition ice canoe, the UMA17 was conceived by a family which has faced the Saint-Lawrence river for many generations. Tested in extreme conditions and approved by Canada Transports, the UMA17 is the fastest rescue ice boat and is ready for its final mission : save lives.

Its robustness allows it to securely face up the ices and the reefs for many years. Its maneuverability and its lightness assure a precise and fast navigation. Its versatility and navigation qualities in free or icy water permit this boat an all-year long usage.

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